We can always do better

We want to minimise the impact our business activities have on the environment as much as possible. We have participated in Kent County Counil’s Environmental Management Scheme ‘STEM’ and achieved the top level, Gold.

Here are just some of the ways that we are reducing our carbon footprint:

On the buses
• Our drivers ‘eco drive’ in order to maximise engine efficiency
• We regularly maintain vehicles for both safety and fuel efficiency
• We maintain tyre pressure with Puncturesafe (a non-toxic tyre sealant)

**If you’re feeling super green, ask us to calculate the carbon footprint emissions from your bus journey.**


In the office
• Use Energy Star rated computers
• Switch off computers and monitors when not using them
• Energy saving light bulbs
• Only use ISO 14001 accredited or LOCAL printers
• Only use sustainably sourced and/or recycled paper
• When we do occasionally have to upgrade our computers, we donate our old ones to Computer Aid. They 100% data wipe hard drives as well which is cool of them.