Brexit New: Brits Unlikely To Need Visas For EU Travel

A bit of good news coming to us here in the UK from the European Commission right now… it seems as though we won’t need to sort out visas if we have plans to travel to countries in the European Union for short-stay trips should a no-deal Brexit be the ultimate outcome in March next year.

According to iNews, Frans Timmerman – vice-president of the Commission – explained that the visa regulations are expected to be amended so that UK nationals are exempt from visa requirements for short stays once EU law is no longer applicable in the UK.

He went on to say, however, that this will be “entirely conditional” on the UK returning the favour for EU nationals coming over here as well.

It seems as though the chances of the UK leaving the EU without a deal in place come March is increasing, since an impasse appears to have been reached over various key issues between officials on both sides.

Senior officials have been in discussion over whether UK nationals should be viewed as third country nationals as part of plans for a no-deal scenario, which would mean that holidaymakers would have to buy a £52 permit in order to cross the channel.

“The UK government has declared its intention not to require a visa from citizens of the EU27 member states for shorts stays for the purposes of tourism and business. EU rules on non-EU nationals travelling to the EU, such as those on border control, would of course apply to UK citizens once they are no longer EU citizen,” a document released by the Commission read.

However, it’s worth noting – especially if you do a lot of travelling within the EU – that you may still have to apply for authorisation to enter countries under the European travel information and authorisation system. Applicable to visa-exempt third country nationals, this is valid for three years and will cost £6.

It also looks as though UK nationals will also be barred from the fast lane at airports, as well as other national boundaries, after Brexit.

It’s difficult times for Theresa May right now, however, now facing open calls for her resignation from certain quarters after the draft agreement she released for Brexit received some criticism.

According to the Guardian, her government lost two cabinet ministers and numerous junior ministers during a week of turmoil. And the European Research Group has suggested that chair of the 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady will likely have received enough letters to launch a leadership contest for the Tory party.

But the prime minister has said that, to her knowledge, there are not enough Conservative MPs moving away form her in order to spark a leadership contest – and that ousting her would not help Brexit proceedings in any case.

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