Tube Strike To Come On October 5th



If you live outside London and commute to work each day, you might want to organise corporate coach hire from High Wycombe to the capital as a tube strike is expected to take place on October 5th, which could cause even more misery for people trying to get to work next week.

According to the Independent, London underground services will be dramatically reduced on the day because members of the Aslef union plan to hold a 24-hour walk out. An argument has been ongoing regarding a pay deal, which would give members of the union the option to work a four-day week.

A deal between Transport for London and union bosses had hoped to be reached but no agreement has thus far been made.

Director of network operations for London Underground Nigel Holness observed that if the strike does go ahead as planned “substantial disruption” is likely to be seen.

“We will do everything possible to ensure customers can get around on alternative transport services and have the right information to help them do this.

“We are committed to ensuring that our employees are able to maintain a good balance between their work and personal lives and we have been working closely with the unions on new ways to achieve this,” he was quoted by the news source as saying.

If you’re an employer, it might be wise to put in place a formal policy that can be applied in such situations so that your members of staff are clear about how best to handle travel strikes. Perhaps consider ways to get around the problem by allowing people to work from home or somewhere closer to their house. Or perhaps you could suggest your workers make up lost hours if they simply can’t get to the office.

You’ll also need to think about whether you’ll pay employees for any hours missed. This will of course depend on the contractual terms in place already, so consider reviewing contracts and other documents like your staff handbook if necessary.

As a member of staff, having a back-up option to help you get to work is wise in the event of a strike or other disruption to your normal travel arrangements. If you live close enough to the office, perhaps you could bike in or even catch the bus. Chat to people at work and see if there’s someone you could stay with on the night of October 4th who lives closer to the office.

What you will have to bear in mind is that there will be thousands of other people in the same boat as you, all struggling with getting to work on the same day, so working remotely may actually be your best option if this is something your company allows. Discuss your choices with your managers and take it from there. Planning ahead is certainly wise so that you’re not missing out on work and won’t have to catch up at a later date.