Tips For Using Your Card While On Holiday

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There are lots of things to organise before you jet off away on a holiday, but making sure you don’t leave sorting your holiday spending money until last minute is always a good idea. If you do forget, it may not be the end of the world, as AOL offer up their top tips for using your card hassle-free when abroad.

A decision that many of us face when travelling is whether cash or card is better to use. With a lot of us tending to use card these days to pay for things and smart phones that allow us to pay too, many would prefer to do this abroad as well.

This decision will vary greatly from place to place so before you go make sure you do your research to find how what you’ll be charged to pay on card. This will all come down to individual banks or the type of card you’re using.

Fee-free credit cards are great to use on holiday for general spending, but are sometimes not so great if you decide you’re going to draw cash out as the charge for this can be high.

Remember whatever you spend on a credit cards you must pay off promptly on your return to avoid any steep late payments fees.

Getting yourself a pre-paid card is a great way for paying on holiday, simply