Prepare For Christmas Travel Chaos, Commuters Warned


It seems like now is a good time to consider sorting out corporate coach hire in High Wycombe if you want to avoid travel misery over Christmas.

According to the Daily Express, there are lots of different rail operators that will have engineering work and changes to timetables going on over the festive period, which is likely to have a knock-on effect for passengers trying to get from A to B this year. Try to avoid travelling by rail at all on Christmas and Boxing Day because apparently services will be cancelled all over Britain!

Great Western Railway, for example, won’t be running any services from Paddington between Christmas Eve and December 27th. Virgin Trains has announced that west coast mainline routes will be closed early on December 24th and the 31st, with no services running on either Christmas or Boxing Day as well.

As for CrossCountry, engineering work will be going on at Winchester between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day – so trains will not be calling at this station or Southampton Airport Parkway. And Southern has also trimmed its service down quite substantially, with trains cut from routes between December 23rd and January 1st.

In Manchester, meanwhile, engineering work is taking place on Christmas Even so lines between Oxford Road and Piccadilly will be closed. December 30th and New Year’s Day will also see closures taking place.

So as you can see, if you plan on going to work over the Christmas period or perhaps you want to be so silly as to actually go and visit family, you might find it hard to do so by train. Of course, you can hop in your car but if it’s to commute to work you’ll likely struggle since everyone will be in the same boat and may have the same idea.

Perhaps it would be wise to discuss the situation with your manager to see what arrangements can be made ahead of time. Or, if you’re the boss, bring it to your employees’ attention and see if they have any ideas as to how you could weather this particular storm. Flexible working is a very real option these days so it might be a good idea to ask those who can work at home to do so, to keep productivity levels high.

And, of course, if you think it’s a workable idea arranging for minibus hire to help ferry people around could be a good move. If lots of your workers live near each other, it would certainly be feasible to pick them all up in the morning and drop them off after work.

This isn’t a permanent solution, naturally, but in times of crisis such as this it could really make a difference – and your workers will surely thank you for helping find a solution instead of just expecting them to turn up to work regardless of what’s going on with the trains.